UPDATED 08/03/2020



       108 Main Street

       P.O. Box 149

       Ridgway, PA  15853


To minimize the risk of the spread of COVID 19

 The Borough Office is closed to walk-ins.


For assistance please call:  776-1125 or 776-1126

or email:

The Borough of Ridgway

Preparedness for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus


The Federal and State governments are responding with abundance of caution to the threat of 2019 Novel Coronavirus causing a COVID-19 epidemic. Ridgway Borough will comply with Federal and State directives as they come. Ridgway Borough is exercising preparedness and caution in the following ways.

The primary responsibilities of a Borough are to provide essential services and public safety.

Staffing to continue to provide essential services is assured by having a deep bench of players. With two thirds to three quarters of the employees off sick, essential services can continue to be provided.

A sick leave benefit removes the need for employees to come to work sick putting other employees at risk of getting sick.

The health insurance benefit provides for treatment to minimize the duration of illness and hasten the return to work.

To provide essential services to the residents of Ridgway, three or more employees are trained for each function. Support services are at risk as most of these are one person functions.

Ridgway Borough will continue to provide safe drinking water, collect and treat wastewater, collect refuse and keep the roads passable.

For water and waste water, the treatment technologies employed are effective in killing corona viruses. This assures the COVID-19 will not be spread through Ridgway as a water borne disease. Drinking Ridgway water does not spread disease. Discharge of treated Ridgway wastewater does not spread disease. Sufficient inventory of treatment chemicals are maintained to endure delays in delivery.

Removal of refuse assures there will be no increase health risks associated with accumulated wastes.

The streets will remain open and passable to assure the free flow of traffic particularly unencumbered passage of emergency response vehicles and personnel (Ambulance, Fire and Police).

Should the threat of the spread of COVID-19 continue decisions will have to be made relative to non-essential services including the Summer Parks Program and Swimming Pool.

The Ridgway Borough Police Department, Fire Department and Ambulance Corporation continue to serve the community round the clock every day of the year. They are all adequately supplied and staffed to respond as needed. In the event that demand exceeds supply, mutual aid agreements are in place.

The Borough is equipped to issue emergency notifications in a very short time through the Swift Reach 911 notification system. Be sure you are on the notification list by registering on the Ridgway Borough web site.


Public Service Announcement

The Borough of Ridgway

Implements Measures to Mitigate the Potential Spread and Impact of Corona Virus

In concert with measures taken by the Federal, State and County branches of government the Mayor of Ridgway, Dr. Guillermo Udarbe, has taken a preemptive, proactive measure to assure the Health, Safety and welfare of the residents of the Borough of Ridgway by proclaiming a state of emergency due to the potential threat associated with the 2019 Novel Corona Virus.

This action puts into action the standing Emergency Response Plan of the Borough. Residents can rest assured that all emergency and essential services provided by the Borough remain available.

This action by the Mayor also positions Ridgway to access federal and state funds for reimbursement of expenses associated with local response to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Further, it frees the borough from some time consuming requirements of the Borough Code relative to purchases, contracts and meetings required to deal with the Corona Virus threat.

Residents of the Borough of Ridgway can be confident that their local government has taken action and will take further action as needed So that everyone can Keep Calm and Stay Healthy.

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