Council Meeting Guidelines

The Ridgway Borough Council welcomes citizen’s comments and/or concerns. While most concerns can be handled through daily operation, citizens may find the need to address Council in person. If such a need should arise, the following criteria will be met:

1. If any citizen wishes to address Council, please call the Borough Office at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the meeting to be properly registered.

2. Only taxpayers and residents of the Borough will be recognized during the visitor participation time of the meeting. Citizens are only permitted to speak during this time of the meeting unless addressed by Council.

3. All citizens must sign in and write in your reason for addressing Council. A sign-up sheet will be in the Council room and will be reviewed five (5) minutes prior to the meeting. If you were not registered prior to the meeting, Council may opt to postpone your comments and/or concerns.

4. You must state your concern within your three (3) minute allotted time.

5. You shall stand, state your name, your Borough address, and your concern to the President of Council.

6. You must act in an orderly manner and refrain from any profanity or personal attacks to Council. Your allotted time may be forfeited.

7. Council will take all comments under advisement and is not required to answer immediately.

8. A group of citizens with the same concern shall appoint a spokesperson and will be allotted five (5) minutes.

9. The visitor participation portion of the meeting is limited to a total of thirty (30) minutes.