The drop-off site is set up and open for recycling. The drop-off is located just off of Gillis Avenue, and the borough installed a recycling center sign to direct folks to the location. This site is for borough residents only.

A few bits of housekeeping:

All metal cans can be dumped in the metal’s container. It is an open box with no dividers. We sort cans by type when they arrive here at the recycling center.

Dump both aluminum and steel cans in loose. And please, no scrap metal. Cans only.

Glass will be recycled as before. Glass bottles and jars: beer, wine, liquor, teas, coffee drinks, sauces, pickles, and other food and beverage containers. No window glass, glass dishware or ovenware or other ceramics. Glass is separated by color, so please be mindful.

Paper and cardboard: We ask that you break down cardboard boxes. This keeps the container from filling up so quickly. It’s still canning season so remember, we cannot take waxed cardboard boxes.

Plastic bottles and jars should also be dumped loose in the container. Acceptable plastics include water, pop and juice bottles, detergent and shampoo and vinegar containers, and other household or food containers that are a #1 or #2 bottle.

As before, we also accept clear #1 thermoforms (think clamshells that contained fruit, veggies, or deli items). These must be clear and have a #1 PET symbol. We also will take #5 PP containers. Please make sure these are clean of any food residue.

If you have any questions, please call Ridgway Borough 814-776-1125 or Elk County Solid Waste Office 814-776-5373 or Recycling Center 814-834-4886.