Management Audit, Multi-Year Plan Adoption, and Implementation Plan

The management audit is a key component of the Strategic Management Planning Program (STMPP). In order to better understand the functions of each department of Ridgway Borough, Evaluation Resources conducted a series of interviews with key department personnel to facilitate a comprehensive view of the Borough’s management and operational needs. Our analysis shows that Ridgway has employees and elected officials dedicated to the service of its citizens. The Borough has taken many important steps to improve its management and financial budgeting and reporting processes in recent years. Ridgway is a well-run municipality with a culture of excellence and innovation.

The STMP Program requires a summary of major findings to highlight the most important steps Ridgway Borough can take to continuously improve its operations. As noted throughout the review, Ridgway is a well-run municipality in terms of its finances and operations. (Partially Funded by DCED)


Executive Summary, Financial Condition, and Emergency Actions

Ridgway Borough engaged Evaluation Resources to conduct a financial and management review of the borough’s operations in Spring 2021 via Pennsylvania’s Strategic Management Planning Program (STMPP). This report reviews the findings of the first three stages of Ridgway’s STMPP project. This overall effort is intended to give public officials and citizens a better understanding of current financial conditions and the challenges they face in maintaining fiscal solvency – and assist the Borough in providing a high quality of service. (Partially Funded by DCED)